Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dining at the Grocery Store

No, I haven't expanded my review parameters to include grocery stores, although that's not a bad idea for anyone to want to take on. But if a grocery store has a good eatery inside, it's fair game on my blog.

Not only is Capers Community Market the best, greenest, most eco-cool grocery chain in the lower mainland, but they've got one hell of a Burrito Bar at their Robson location- Ole!

While in Vancouver recently, we wandered the banal culinary wasteland of Robson Street, finally opting for a quick nosh at Capers Market - a place I've been many times before for sandwiches, soups and salads. We noticed a new burrito bar, so gave it a try. Half the fun was watching the gal pile on our favourite organic fillings. When at Capers, you can always count on healthy, fresh, organic ingredients.

Wow, what a burrito!!! Just about as good as the ones I'd eaten in San Francisco's Mission District or Mexico proper! Capers' version blows away all the pretenders you get at so-called 'Mexican' restaurants in downtown Vancouver or Victoria.

Not to mention, at under ten bucks, the price is more than right.

Next time in Vancouver, you must try this. If you don't love it, I will give you a free blog space to tell me why I was wrong.

Capers Community Market (Robson) on Urbanspoon