Monday, July 26, 2010

"Enjoy a complimentary dinner!" NOT -- Guest Review by Kyla B.

Editor's note: Kyla B. was kind and brave enough to take up my request for guest reviewers. She becomes the second guest blogger to submit a review to YRS. Her review of Columbo's Taverna made me laugh because it had a nice, justifiable negative tone, and it touches on an issue I have not addressed yet: Coupon confusion! I think it's often less coupon confusion than it is outright faulty advertising. The coupon scam is often used to lure you in, and once they have you, they either reveal the fine print, or simply change the rules on the spot. I'm happy Kyla and family walked out of this place in protest. Nice job, Kyla, and thanks for helping to move this YRS blog toward more of a collective voice.

Columbo's Taverna, 777 Goldstream Ave, Langford, BC

by Kyla B (aka Coupon Cowgirl on Urbanspoon Victoria)

I've eaten at Columbo's 2.1 times now (I'll get to the 0.1 in a minute). My first experience here was okay. My hubby and I shared one of the platters. The food was okay, but for $25+, the portion was small. I didn't think the food was as good as Il Greco or even Tino's.

The second time I ate here I had calamari and pizza with my dad and brother. We ordered a large pizza, and they accidentally made a medium, so they also made us another medium for the price of our large. I thought this was good customer service. However, as I've often thought with eat-in pizza, the price was really expensive (like $29 for our large), and also, the waitress acted very shocked when we asked for extra anchovies--but I guess that is kind of a weird order anyways.

So, here is the 0.1 time. Tonight, we decided to go there before a movie because we had a coupon. We buy the entertainment book, and this year we even got 2, and haven't used either coupon. My brother and hubby and I sat down to order.

We didn't order drinks (diabetic and don't drink alcohol or caffeine, not many drinks I can have), but decided to order a large pizza ($27ish) and 1 platter (calamari dinner, $17ish). We realized that the coupon is only $10 off, despite saying "Enjoy a complimentary dinner..." and no meals on the menu are under $15. Oh well, we were still going to order a $44-minus-10 dinner.

The waitress comes back and informs us we can't use the coupon on pizza or pasta. Excuse me? Why not? Those are the 2 biggest markups, especially since I highly doubt they make their pasta fresh. The coupon says nothing about this, and we still would have paid more for the pizza than we would have if we had made a take-out order there.

Anyway, we were thrown odd by this. We left without ordering. The waitress was very rude about it, cutting her eyes at us and clearly talking smack, but seriously, what had she done? We didn't order anything so why would she be pissed? I didn't get it.

Overall, this place is expensive and with Smoken Bones less than a block away, skip it. If you really want Greek, Il Greco or Tino's (especially for lamb and calamari) are much more reasonable and BOTH have coupons that cover almost an entire meal.

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