Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Quaffable, but uh...far from transcendent."

With the hot hot heat of summer upon us - FINALLY! - I think reviews of some micro-brew pubs is in order. I thought I would begin with the weakest and move my way over to the best in BC, which are all on Vancouver Island, naturally. For all the buzz surrounding BC's micro-brewing scene, one would expect more than a couple true brew-on-premise pubs in downtown Vancouver. Regrettably I can only count two, and neither is worth writing to grandpa about, so I'll just write to my blog about it.

Reliable, but not outstanding craft beers, Steamworks is less pretentious and snooty than Vancouver's other downtown micro-brew pub, Yaletown Brewery. Located in the tourist hub of Gastown, this pub is always busy, and when we arrived on a Saturday night, we were sent downstairs to find our own table; it was akin to a furnace room down there. We ended up going back up to an outside patio part of the pub, which gave us a cool breeze off the ocean, but a nice view of the harbour and Grouse Mountain. Our server was prompt, attentive, friendly and all food/drinks arrived on time. Good burgers.

Their brews are solid, but very predictable, and they do try to experiment with unusual beer concoctions, which don't always work, but full marks for creativity and at least trying. Their strongest beer is their IPA, but the stout is none too shabby.

Good drink, good eats, nothing too memorable, a good place to kill a lunch hour if ever stuck in Gastown.

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