Thursday, July 15, 2010

West Coast Fine Dining Done Right!

Amid a plethora of bad, pretentious eateries along Davie and Denman streets, Raincity Grill shines as an oasis of great food and even better service. Vancouver and Victoria are notoriously bad when it comes to a lack of professional, consistent service, but Raincity never fails to deliver on this front. Forget about the food for a moment, I go back to this small eatery just for the service alone. You will not find 20-something bimbos or college kids. Raincity boasts a mature set of highly skilled and obviously trained workers. There's nothing more off-putting than going to a high end eatery, where everything looks and seems as advertised, only to have some 19-year-old university dropout in skimpy attire approach your table, yell "hey guys!" - and begin to spoil the evening with a string of bad, ignorant service plays.

Raincity's imaginative cuisine is equally outstanding and bears the marks of first rate culinary school training. The concept of 'West Coast cuisine' has to be one of the most overplayed hands in BC's restaurant scene, but Raincity Grill's version ('from farm to local cuisine') is the real deal. This exceptional eatery has been doing local, organic sourcing long before the 100-Mile Diet became fashionable, long before environmental responsibility became trendy.

All the accolades and awards Raincity has received over the years are warranted. This place stands as my very favourite restaurant in all of Vancouver. And I suspect I'm not alone.

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