Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Ambivalent Streak - Side Dish Restaurant

Side Dish Restaurant always has families and groups of people sitting and enjoying a meal. That was one prime reason I ventured in with a friend one evening for supper. That and I had never had Persian food. That night we had the sampler plate for two. We left full, but not wowed.

I always try to give a restaurant a few attempts to win my hard-earned dollars. Local businesses are, after all, important to our economy and help make a community. Unless an establishment has the worst service ever, I'll give a local eatery a second or even third shot.

For a weekend lunch, an associate and I shared a platter of kabobs (beef and lamb), a salad and two types of baklava. We started with humous and pita. We finished the lunch quickly with little comment on the food in front of us. The only thing really prompting discussion was the baklava. It was fantastic.

Today I decided to give it one last shot. I ordered takeout. [A warning - They don't have true takeout. It takes 15 minutes or more for you to get your meal. If you want something to go, phone ahead.]

I decided to give the kabob another try, this time chicken, with rice and a salad. The kabobs are very juicy and not salty. Some of the rice was coloured, but don't be fooled, it doesn't actually mean added flavour. It's just rice. The salad was a simple garden salad with a lemon dressing that was homemade.

The problem? Simply, I want a greater range of flavour. While there is nothing particularly wrong with the food they serve, how clean the restaurant is, the price, or even the service... there is nothing that also made me think twice.

My recommendation, go for tea and baklava. That's worth the time and the trip.

Side Dish Restaurant - You Don't Suck - but you don't really leave an impression either.

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