Saturday, November 13, 2010

Green Leaf Bistro: Simply Getting It Right

1684 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC

I had walked, biked and driven past the Green Leaf Bistro at least a hundred times. I failed to pop in mostly due to the name of the restaurant. I'm always leary of places that throw in words that have become trendy into their names. Given this is a Vietnamese restaurant, I feared this would be another fusion restaurant in Victoria - which we don't need.

Now, I am kicking myself for waiting all of this time. 

Simply put, the Green Leaf Bistro is a fab little spot with superb staff. I sat down for lunch, and had their chicken and vermicelli plate. It was fantastic. The chicken was amazingly juicy, and it had wonderful flavour. Perfectly seasoned and sauced. The fried rolls were crispy and fresh, but not dripping with excessive amounts of grease. The noodles actually separated instead of pulling off my plate in a large mass, and to make it all wonderful - they make their own onion topping that is a great taste & texture addition to a hearty serving of fresh vegetables.

The chicken was so good I asked the waiter to inquire what the sauce was. Now I didn't expect the chefs to give up their secrets, and they didn't, but the waiter went back to the kitchen anyways. This was typical of the open, quick and friendly service they offer. And there is no shortage of staff on at lunch.

I was in and out of the bistro in 30 minutes. A perfect rotation for lunch.

I'll be back to give them a pho test. You should test them out to.

Green Leaf Bistro - I'm still not sure about your name - But Your Restaurant Doesn't Suck!

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