Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Office at The Office Lounge

759 Yates Street, Victoria, B.C.

Sometimes what you really need to find is an all-service restaurant - a place where a group of people can go, in a centralized location, a range of food options and prices. The Office Lounge fits this bill very well.

A majority of our table had the lamb burger with french fries or salad. Once the lamb arrived everyone tucked in to the patties of lamb covered in havarti, roasted peppers and pesto aioli. I had the Panko crusted prawn burger. Loved it. The patty was generously portioned with real prawn meat. The samal aioli was a zesty touch that didn't over power the prawn. The Kim-chi inspired slaw was a burger topper. Delicious. I would have dialed back the dressing just a bit but it's a minor complaint.

The fries were standouts. Seasoned, crispy and hot. I also ordered the gravy. I'd go back just for this as a weekend treat and a drink on a Saturday afternoon.

The one dish that disappointed was the chipotle chicken and ranch wrap. My fellow cubicle warrior found the sandwich lacked flavour and given it was a "chipotle" infused dish - that's hard to manage - but they did.

The service is quick, the interior spacious and bright, and it is easy to have a conversation with a small group of 8. The joint is a "lounge" so for lunch plus tip we dropped about $20 a piece. It was worth the bill.

The Office Lounge - Your Restaurant Doesn't Suck!

               -- Reviewed by Rosa

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