Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Avalon: A Nice Breakfast Alternative to the Overrated Blue Fox

Avalon, 1075 Fort Street, Victoria, BC

Contrary to what the name of this place suggests, Avalon in Victoria's Mosaic Village neighbourhood is not the mythical place King Arthur shipped off to die at, although he might have enjoyed his last breakfast here before heading to the real Avalon. Nor is it a place where local geeks play Dungeons & Dragons. It is also not a fantasy, comic or metaphysical book shop, and neither is it the clubhouse for the official local Roxy Music fan club. It's just a cute, little diner that serves up wholesome, highly edible breakfasts and lunches with a smile or two.

I'm not thrilled with the lunches at Avalon. I had a really disappointing burger yesterday; my whole wheat bun disintegrated in my fingertips before I launched into my second bite, forcing me to eat the messy remains with fork and knife. What began as a burger platter ended as a kind of meatloaf with dry bread crumbs. This bun problem is not uncommon in the burger world and can be easily avoided with a little burger bun care and attention. Not all bread types are suited for burgers, and even if you decide to use those weaker bread types, simply toasting it will give it a bit more staying power through the burger eating process.

I've never had a problem with Avalon's fresh, wholesome breakfasts (menu includes a range of Eggs Benedict, mexifasts all with cottage potatoes and options to add various sides), for which their healthy breads do work. It's for this meal of the day that I recommend this quaint, friendly diner. Unlike other breakfast places in town, Avalon doesn't pile on the starch as filler. People in this town seem easily fooled into thinking quantity equals quality. It never ceases to amaze me every time I walk past The Blue Fox in the morning - the number sheep lined up for the privilege of eating a couple of eggs, salty hollandaise sauce, thick greasy sausage and a towering mountain of fried potatoes. 

If you ever find yourself in this Blue Fox lineup, you can avoid wasting your time and saving your digestive system by simply walking further up Fort Street a couple blocks (just before Cook Street) to Avalon. Here you'll find no lineups, and you'll enjoy breakfasts that leave you feeling healthy, satisfied yet not bloated with starch and grease.

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