Monday, July 4, 2011

Curry Expedition - The Mint Lunch

The Mint Lunch, 1412 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC

I go through periods where all I want are certain types of food, and lately I've had curry on my mind. 

I had given up on Mint's main restaurant. Not that the food had ever been less than great, it had more to do with the atmosphere. I'm just not that trendy, that hip, and not that much of a club junkie. The last time I went to the Mint I felt pretty Geek-tacular amongst at lot of very cool dudes.

So I'm thrilled to say the high quality offerings can be had at the Mint's new lunch counter. The service is perfect - quick and always friendly. The food is fresh and the service is just right. I've had their lamb, beef and vegetable curry. I recommend them all. And given the quality of the food, I feel the $12-$15 price for a lunch including curry, rice and dessert is right on the point.

It's so good I'm thinking of getting over myself and giving their main dining room another try.

The Mint Lunch is worth your buck.

                     ---Reviewed by Rosa

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