Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Awesome Coffee Is Simply Awesome!

Awesome (Organic) Coffee, 717 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC

The various small businesses that have occupied the street level spaces at the historic Crystal Garden building sure haven't had much success over the years. Not sure why this is. It's close to the tourist zone, right across from the city's main bus station and has a captive audience with the BC Transit stop directly in front. There's a brand new tenant in place and I hope he succeeds because the cup of java I had at Awesome Coffee blew me away the other day! It was as good, maybe even better than anything I've had at places like Discovery or Habit. The owner says everything in the shop is organically sourced:
"Designed for people on the go. Organic coffee, tea, juice, pop, iced coffee, iced mango/peach/apple juice and packaged snacks. Everything is organic down to the cream and sugar."
It's true, he even keeps the organic milk in a mini-fridge to prevent it from curdling. He is hoping to phase in some more substantial lunch foods once he finds a baker who can supply him with organic sandwich bread at a reasonable price, but for now it's all about the organic coffee. 

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