Monday, October 3, 2011

Saigon Harbour Restaurant: Disappointing

Saigon Harbour Restaurant, 1012 Blanshard St, Victoria, BC

Located on the fiercely competitive lunch row (Blanshard Street, near Fort), I've long bypassed Saigon Harbour Restaurant in favour of other eating places in this area, until today. The question is further complicated by the fact there are at least 4 other Vietnamese places in that general vicinity, and as I've said before, not all pho or spring rolls are created equal. My favourite pho in Victoria's downtown remains Vietnam House near the Odeon Theatre.

As it turns out, we picked a bad day to visit Saigon Harbour Restaurant. Arriving around 1pm, we were crestfallen to learn they were completely out of their beef broth pho menu items, which is akin to entering a microwbrewery, only to be told they were out of beer. We persevered, ordering a rice noodle & spring roll dish and a bowl of chicken broth & rice noodle. Both were disappointing, and the spring roll dish had a meagre fraction of the amount of noodles the dish normally contains when ordered elsewhere. We also shared a salad roll, which contained pressed ham and came with a much-too-runny peanut sauce (watered down peanut butter?).

We left disappointed and hungry, which is actually why we ended up going to Shine Cafe immediately after (see review posted above).

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